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Tarvainen, Seija Maria

My home

I have four vocational educations, one degree from a university of applied sciences and two university degrees and also subject teacher education. Also I have working experience as an entrepreneur and substitute teacher. Then I had a longer sick-leave because of breast cancer and mild brain infarct, but now have been rehabilitated to do some work. I love Finnish life, though I spent my childhood in Australia (1959-1966) in Sydney, Petersham. Now I am learning Finnish Sign Language advising to help handicapped with hearing or communicating problems. I have also a right to do my Ph.D. to Jyväskylä University concerning folklore (ethnosciences). Maybe I do the paper when I am retired.

 I believe in lifetime learning. In Finnish folklore is said: "The rolling stone does not become like moss."

Jussila, Päivi

Picture of Päivi  JussilaFinland
Albert Edelfeltin koulu
Comprehensive school

I'm a classteacher who has worked over 30 years in different schools. And I'm still excited of my work.

Pennanen, Kimmo

Picture of Kimmo PennanenFinland

I am in charge of the administration of this site. Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues (regarding the site ;)).

Kurronen, Peter

Picture of Peter KurronenFinland
Kulosaari Secondary School
Business Studies

As an American teacher/coach/mentor here in Finland I have built platforms for students aged 14 to 18 within entrepreneurship. Students design and pitch their creations at internationally sponsored business plan pitching events. The courses are based on modern Finnish educational research and teaching methods. The courses are flexible and can adapted to other curricula and settings.

Kuukasjärvi-Kanto, Sinikka

Picture of Sinikka Kuukasjärvi-KantoFinland
Ounasvaara Comprehensive School
Student Councelling, Wellbeing-work, the three step support system

I'm energic and enthusiastic Master of Education, student councellor, pedagogical qualification, solution-focused coach, ART-coach and NLP-Practitioner and eager to develope learning-methods and co-operation skills.

 I have worked as a student councellor for 25 years and have developed my competence all the time in order to become more qualified with the co-operation with the students, parents, teachers and the stakesholders outside the school. I have arranged several learning situations for the teachers from nursery to upper secondary school.

 I use solution-focused and resource-oriented approach at my work with the students from 7-9 class and I have noticed that it is functioning very well with the students and also with the parents too. I also use positive psychology and strength-based guidance and teaching at my work as a student councellor. 

I'm also concentrating this year on the group-councelling and phenomenom based learning with my students. For example I'm using investigative method in student councelling with my 9th graders.